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Neon heart

The Very First Beat: How a Heart Starts To Pulse

Using microscopes and glowing fluorescent proteins, researchers have been able to examine the developing heart of zebrafish embryos coordinate the very first beat.
Weekly science news roundup logo image.

Weekly Science News Roundup

Here are our top three headlines from the week! Which story was your favorite?
A lit cigarette.

Why Smoking Anything Is a Terrible Idea

In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the reality of smoking, regardless of what's actually being smoked.
Close up of a brown eye.

Take a Look Inside a Real Human Eyeball

In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the anatomy of the eye as well as its incredible evolutionary history.
A bowl of battered calamari rings sprinkled with herbs and chili with cutlery and a glass next to it.

3D-Printing a Plant-Based Seafood Alternative

Researchers developed a new approach for simulating seafood, using plant-based proteins and a 3D printer, and used it to make a snack inspired by fried calamari rings from squid.
An older woman combing her long gray hair.

Can Gray Hair Be Reversed?

Researchers have identified the processes that cause gray hair and have done experiments to reverse it, and, believe it or not, we've had some of these options for decades.
Illustration of a hand holding a sperm cell.

The Essential Ingredients of Semen

In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the components of semen, why it is necessary for sperm cells and reproduction and the glands that produce it such as the prostate gland.
TMi10 image

Exploring Spatial Biology

This episode provides an overview of spatial biology and what applications scientists can pursue by exploring this area.
Coarse salt.

What Happens When You Quit Salt?

Should you be on a low-sodium diet? What actually happens to your body and brain when you reduce salt?
A blind man walks using a mobility cane.

When Your Eyes Can’t See, but Your Brain Is Still Watching

For some people without vision, information extraction from sound can provide the brain with information in much the same way as light and vision.