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Latest Upcoming Webinars

Technology Networks Tech Spotlight Webinar Bioprocessing 30 May 2024

Modernizing the Purification Toolbox for Multi-Specific Antibodies, CRISPR and Cell and Gene Therapies

In this webinar, our expert speaker Dr. Stefano Menegatti from NC State University, will discuss his team’s approach in leveraging affinity technology to introduce new tools for purifying and characterizing biotherapeutics to match the growing demands of clinics and biotech industries worldwide.
10x Genomics Technology Networks Webinar Banner 16th May 2024

Simultaneous Profiling of the Epigenome and Transcriptome at a Single-Cell Level

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the insights you could gain by profiling gene expression and open chromatin from the same cell simultaneously.
Miltenyi webinar Deciphering Cell–Cell Interactions in Liver Metastases with Dr. Marie Laviron

Deciphering Cell–Cell Interactions in Liver Metastases

The liver is the most common metastatic site for many primary tumors. Single-cell gene and protein expression, in combination with spatial data that contextualizes relationships with other tumor cells and structures, are critical to fully understand how cells communicate in liver metastases.
Resolving the precise spatial location of each single cell allows for a comprehensive understanding of the tissue architecture for each tumor and helps identify critical cell–cell communication circuits.
This webinar will highlight approaches to generating a spatial atlas of tumors, illustrate how to integrate single-cell transcriptomics data with spatial data and explore how to track cell behavior to study cell–cell interactions in each cellular neighborhood.
Miltenyi biotec webinar technology networks 25th June 2024

Uncovering the Role of T Cells in Cancer With Spatial Biology

This webinar will focus on using spatial biology approaches to understand the role of human γδ T cell subtypes in cancer, illustrating how to assess this subset in their tissue microenvironments at high resolution.
SCIEX webinar on July 2nd with speaker Dr. Valentina Calabrese

Enhancing MS-Based Omics Analysis in a Model Organism

Mass spectrometry (MS)-based omics technologies have revolutionized our understanding of molecular changes in organisms and are crucial for studying metabolism and related diseases through lipidomics and metabolomics. Despite significant advances, there is still a need for robust analytical methodologies in data acquisition, data processing and annotation.
This webinar will demonstrate how LC-Zeno SWATH DIA outperforms conventional DDA in annotating metabolites and lipids in the model organism Gammarus fossarum. Additionally, the presentation will showcase the effectiveness of electron activated dissociation (EAD) in characterizing lipid species and elucidating metabolite isomers. Finally, the webinar will illustrate how EAD and high-resolution targeted approaches improve structural elucidation and molecular network construction.