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Putting Proteomics at the Heart of Your Multiomics

Putting Proteomics at the Heart of Your Multiomics content piece image
In this webinar, we host two speakers who will present diverse case studies that will illustrate how multiomics is being used to deepen our understanding of human biology.

Dr. Karl Smith Byrne will present the results of a large Mendelian Randomization study that has identified several novel etiological markers of cancer risk from the blood proteome. He will talk about how these protein biomarkers could be used to advance our understanding of cancer pathways and help identify novel drug targets.

Dr. Erin Macdonald-Dunlop will discuss the comparison of multiomics models that track how we age and how well these biological omics aging clocks indicate current health status. She will also highlight how these models can predict the risk of developing age-related diseases in the future.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Understand how adding proteomics to your genomics studies can help to identify risk biomarkers for cancer
  • See how alterations in the human proteome are linked to chronological and biological ageing
  • Learn how protein quantitative trait loci in combination with Mendelian randomization can help to find proteins causal to disease
Dr Karl Smith Byrne
Dr Karl Smith Byrne
Senior Molecular Epidemiologist, University of Oxford
Dr Erin Macdonald-Dunlop
Dr Erin Macdonald-Dunlop
Research Associate, Department of Immunology and Inflammation Imperial College London