Point of Care Diagnostics - A Cautious Revolution


Advances in molecular biology, coupled with the miniaturization and improved sensitivity of assays and devices in general, have enabled a new wave of point-of-care (POC) or “bedside” diagnostics.

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Lab-on-a-Chip to Help Detect Cancer


In this podcast, we speak to Gustavo Stolovitsky to learn about his career and the work he is doing at IBM Research.

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The Rise of Salivary Diagnostics

Life In Science

An interview with Dr. David Wong, Felix & Mildred Yip Professor and Director of the Center for Oral/Head & Neck Oncology Research at University of California Los Angeles.

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Seven days in science - 13 Jan 2017


Test your knowledge of the latest happenings in the scientific world over the past seven days.

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Challenges of Developing Paper Based Diagnostic Devices


John Brennan, Professor and Director, Biointerfaces Institute, McMaster University tells us about some of the challenges of developing paper based diagnostic devices.

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Paperfuge - A 20-cent Blood Centrifuge

Paperfuge - A 20-cent Blood Centrifuge

Stanford bioengineers have developed a low-cost centrifuge which can be used in remote regions in the diagnosis of diseases such as malaria.

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New Hope for Personalized Lung Cancer Treatment

Researchers have identified distinct tumor types within small cell lung cancer and a targeted drug combination that worked well against one of these specific tumor types.

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Vitamin Deficiencies Detected in Tears

Researchers from Michigan Technological University have demonstrated the potential of tears to asses the level of vitamins in the body.

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Urine Test Detects Healthiness of Diet

The test takes 5 minutes to complete, and can provide information about the amount of fat, sugar, fibre and protein a person has eaten.

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