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Latest Articles

Headshots of humans representing diversity in a population.

For Variant Interpretation, a New Generation of Cancer Knowledgebases Can Help

In this article, the latest challenges in interpreting complex genomic cancer profiles and the improvements needed to overcome them are discussed.

A person holding a magnifying glass to a reproductive system model.

What We Know – And Don’t Know – About PCOS

Up to 70% of women affected by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) remain undiagnosed worldwide. In this article, we take a deep dive into the PCOS research landscape. How is the disorder diagnosed? What causes it? What treatments are available?
A healthcare worker tends to a patient receiving treatment in the hospital.

Improving Cancer Patient Care With Professor Mark Lawler

Precision medicine and immunotherapy have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment, but challenges must be addressed to ensure their smooth integration into clinical practice.
A graphic depicting the connections of the human nervous system.

There’s More to the Vagus Nerve Than “Rest and Digest”

Professor Nils Kroemer outlines a theory that vagal afferent pathway helps to support transitions between different survival modes, and regulates reward signaling.
A stack of magazines and journals.

Discover How To Publish in High-Ranking Journals With Barbara Cheifet

Technology Networks invited chief editor at Nature Biotechnology, Barbara Cheifet, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer questions about the biggest challenges in scientific publishing and how to get work published in high-ranking journals.
Artistic rendering of an eosinophil immune cell, showing the bi-lobed nucleus and granules.

Eosinophils: Eosinophil Origin, Function and Related Conditions Including Eosinophilia

Immune cells come in many shapes and sizes and with numerous different properties. In this article, we consider what eosinophils are, how they are generated, their function in the body and medical conditions related to them, including eosinophilia.
Scientist in a lab coat holding a green model of the Earth.

Biotech and Pharma’s Carbon Impact: Insights From My Green Lab

Using data provided by Intercontinental Exchange, My Green Lab has produced a report providing key insights into the current state of the sector’s carbon emissions. James Connelly highlights some of the key findings and their significance.
A neuron.

Why Tackling Neurodegeneration Requires Global Partnerships

Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by synapse dysfunction and the aggregation of proteins in the brain, which ultimately lead to neuronal loss. This article will review the studies and methods powering our growing understanding of the mechanisms behind neurodegenerative disease.
A bottle of B12 supplement tablets.

What You Need To Know About Vitamin B12

What is vitamin B12? How do we define vitamin B12 deficiency? And what does the latest research tell us about the importance of vitamin B12?
Artistic rendering of a basophil, showing the nucleus and granules, surrounded by red blood cells.

Basophils: Basophil Function, Origin and Related Conditions

The immune system is made up of a host of specialized cell types, including basophils. In this article, we consider what basophils are, how they are generated, their function in the body and medical conditions related to them.