Cisplatin Efficacy: The Importance of Measuring Uptake in Cancer Cells

Article   Jun 13, 2018 | by Laura Elizabeth Mason, Science Writer, Technology Networks

Cisplatin Efficacy: The Importance of Measuring Uptake in Cancer Cells

Laura Mason

Science Writer



The Glycome and Cancer


The surfaces of cancer cells frequently express different types of glycoproteins, and because healthy cells don’t express these molecules (or do so at a much lower level), there has been significant interest in them as potential anticancer targets. Recent advances suggest we are about to see a resurgence in cancer glycomics.


Cryo-EM and CX-MS: The Power Couple of Proteomics


An ambitious new workflow has married two cutting-edge proteomic analysis techniques to improve imaging of large protein assemblies. The combination of electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM) and cross-linking coupled mass spectrometry (CX-MS) allows deeper interrogation of protein structures to a level of detail that the techniques are incapable of obtaining on their own.


How to Tell “Fake” Olive Oils from the Genuine Article


With olive oil’s popularity on the increase in recent years, olive oil production and sales have become big business. However, it also opens the industry up to fraudsters looking to profiteer from this trend. To tackle this problem, scientists have been exploiting differences at the chemical level to expose adulterated products.



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