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Teach Me in 10 2020–2021 Archive

Teach Me in 10 2020–2021 Archive content piece image
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Teach Me in 10, the video series brought to you by LabTube – part of the Technology Networks group – invites scientists to discuss a scientific research topic, method or concept in less than 10-minutes.

Find a subject that piques your interest? Watch the 10-minute video and check out the further reading resources provided in the video description if you want to know more – it's as easy as that.

Each year, Teach Me in 10 publishes several seasons of fascinating and insightful videos on a variety of different topics, presented by world-renowned scientists. Here is our selection of videos published in 2020–2021, divided by their relevant communities.


-Why More Men Die From West Nile Virus With Dr. Sarah Rosen
-White Matter in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia With Tom Veale
-The Vagus Nerve and COVID-19 With Dr Paul-Peter Tak
-Dementia Research in 2021 With Ed Pinches
-The Power of Different With Gail Saltz Part II
-The Power of Different With Gail Saltz Part I
-What Is Neuroplasticity? With Dr Michael Merzenich


Applied Sciences

-Gene Drive Research With Dr Jennifer Baltzegar
-Food as Medicine With Dr William W. Li
-How Different Foods Contribute to Climate Change With Professor Sarah Bridle
-What is a Cannabis Testing Lab? With Jini Curry


-Molecular and Cellular Multiplexing With Professor George Church
-Recoding Sequences With Yousuf Khan
-Why Synthetic Biology Will Eat Your Fields With Dr Jake Wintermute
-Why COVID-19 Genetics Research May Be Biased With Dr Thomas Stoeger

Cancer Research


-Potential Therapeutic Uses of Cannabinoids With Professor Roger Pertwee
-Why Do COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Side Effects?
-Different Types of COVID-19 Vaccines With Dr Seth Lederman
-CRISPR, Cell Therapies and Drug Discovery With Dr Theo Roth
-How Can Plants Be Used To Fight COVID-19? With Dr Kathleen Hefferon

Drug Discovery

-Organs-on-a-Chip With Dr Ali Khademhosseini
-Enabling Pharma Manufacturing Through Digital Solutions With Dr Stephen Moore
-Detecting Psychoactive Substances in Forensic Toxicology
-CAR T Cells: A Living Targeted Drug, With Dr Matt Cooper



Immunology and Microbiology

-Microbial Epigenomics With Dr Pedro Oliveira
-Hidden Secrets of the Human Microbiome With Alexandre Almeida 

Analysis and Separations

-Visualizing Biological Processes With Elizabeth Neumann
-An Introduction to ICP-MS With Abe Gutierrez and Ed McCurdy
-An Introduction to ICP-OES With Ross Ashdown
-Introduction to ICP-MS - Part II
-Dissolution Testing With Lorraine Kay

Proteomics and Metabolomics

-Proteomics and Psychotic Disorders With Dr David Mongan

Cell Science

-Why Use Stem Cells To Treat Neurological Diseases? With Dr Mariah Lelos
-How To Choose Your Tools for 3D Cell Culture
-Disease Modeling Using ALI Tools and Systems


-Getting Your First Post-PhD Position in Academia With Dr Adeayo Sotayo
-Becoming a Science Writer
-How To Communicate Science Effectively With Dr. Yotam Ophir


-The Importance Of Science Communication With Dr Carl May
-What is Pint of Science? With Praveen Paul

Are you a member of the scientific community and want to present your work via Teach Me in 10? Get in touch by sending an email to our friendly editorial team to discuss the next steps.