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Wyss Institute Videos Now on LabTube

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The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has created a video channel on LabTube, showcasing some of the innovative research being carried out at the institute.

Based in Boston, MA, The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering began six years ago as a risky start-up. Through partnering with a consortium of research institutions across Greater Boston, faculty from multiple disciplines were brought together to form ‘collaboratories’ with diverse skill sets.

The amalgamation of different disciplines helped to develop the emerging field of biologically inspired engineering, which seeks to use Nature’s design principles to create novel materials and devices for society. The Wyss Institute now boasts an impressive array of research in this area, producing bioinspired technologies that have wide reaching benefits across medicine and the environment.

A number of these technologies are showcased in videos uploaded to LabTube, such as:

Part of the Technology Networks Group, LabTube is the home of videos for the scientific community. The site hosts over 2,500 videos, ranging from product demonstrations and company overviews, to lectures and interviews. Managing Editor, Dr. Ashley Board, commented “We are delighted that the Wyss Institute has chosen to use LabTube. To have a world renowned organisation share their videos is testament to the quality of the site and its ability to reach a global scientific audience.”

You can find the complete range of videos on the Wyss Institute channel here.