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Latest Industry Insights

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Industry Insight

Developing Synthetic Affinity Reagents for Improved Diagnostics

To learn more about MIPS and why they are particularly suited for use in in vitro diagnostic assays, we spoke to Dr. Francesco Canfarotta, head of chemistry at MIP Discovery.
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Industry Insight

A Decade of DIA and Key Milestones: The 10-Year Anniversary of SWATH DIA

The 10-year anniversary of SWATH DIA signifies a period of immense growth that is only expected to continue to evolve, influencing a wide range of fields. This article explores key milestones for SWATH DIA since its development.
Computer-generated image of a DNA double helix.
Industry Insight

Advances in DNA Methylation Profiling and Biomarker Discovery

Technology Networks spoke with Anjali Pradhan, senior vice president of product management at Mission Bio, to discuss a new application for DNA methylation analysis, and its potential in uncovering new biological insights and biomarkers that may guide the future of cancer research.
Futuristic representation of human genomics.
Industry Insight

Probing the Biomarker Landscape of Human Disease

To find out more about the importance of improving biomarker discovery and how next-generation mass spectrometry-based systems can help to fill the current gap in biomarker technologies, Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Mo Jain.
Tower Bridge, London.
Industry Insight

The UK Is Facing a Science and Tech Exodus

In this opinion piece, Liz Sparrow discusses the real risk of the UK losing its science and technology communities as they face a series of challenges that are threatening their growth.
T cells.
Industry Insight

High-Precision T-Cell Testing: Driving Diagnostics Forward

To learn more about T-cell testing, the types of diseases it can help to diagnose and its value in clinical trials, we spoke to Phill Keefe, chief executive officer of PerkinElmer’s Oxford Immunotec division.
The Road to a Sustainable Precision Health Ecosystem in Taiwan content piece image
Industry Insight

The Road to a Sustainable Precision Health Ecosystem in Taiwan

To find out more about the Taiwan Precision Medicine Initiative and its aim to implement a sustainable precision health ecosystem in Taiwan, we spoke to Dr. Pui-Yan Kwok, leader of the initiative.
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Industry Insight

Leading by Example, Challenging the Sustainability Mindset

We spoke to Darlene Solomon to learn more about improving sustainability in science and Agilent’s commitment to My Green Lab and other sustainability initiatives.
Representation of a futuristic scientific research laboratory.
Industry Insight

Tackling COVID-19 and Influenza Testing With Semi-Automation

This article discusses how semi-automation drastically improved the accuracy and precision of the lab’s results, and freed up its busy scientists to run other vital tests that had temporarily been forced to take a backseat.
Translating Data Into Clinical Insights With Bioinformatics content piece image
Industry Insight

Translating Data Into Clinical Insights With Bioinformatics

In this interview, we find out about how bioinformatics can help researchers extract more information from complex datasets and how this contributes to a holistic approach to healthcare.