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Energy Efficient Sample Storage
Industry Insight

Energy Efficient Sample Storage

Energy Efficient Sample Storage
Industry Insight

Energy Efficient Sample Storage

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Ultra-low temperature freezers often contain priceless samples, placing great importance on sample security. At the same time, lots of energy goes into cooling, so there is a need to make ULT freezers as energy efficient as possible.

Eppendorf has recently introduced a new range of CryoCube® ULT freezers, which address both of these issues. We spoke to Stephen Dey, Marketing Manager, Eppendorf UK, to learn more about some of the new features of the freezers.

AM: Eppendorf recently launched the CryoCube® ULT Freezers. Can you tell us a little about these products?

SD: The new CryoCube® ultra-low temperature freezers combine maximum sample security with improved functionality. New advancements decrease power consumption and make CryoCube ULT freezers among the most energy efficient in the industry. Further information can be found on our website - www.eppendorf.com/freezer

AM: You consider sample security to be the most important feature of a sample storage freezer. How do Eppendorf and the CryoCube® ensure sample security?

SD: Eppendorf quality means years of trouble free operation, trusted sample security, and excellent energy efficiency.

To protect your precious samples, CryoCube freezers are built with reliability in mind. Constructed from premium components, they ensure consistent performance and preservation year after year.

Some of the superior features include:

> Improved energy efficiency of up to 7.6 kWh/day*
> New ergonomic handle requiring less force for easier opening and closing
> New magnetic closures on insulated inner doors for ease-of use
> New automatic frost-free vent port located on front control panel allows for quick re-entry while also improving temperature homogeneity (i.e. located away from samples thereby reducing the risk to your samples)
> Very fast pull down times (4 hrs. - 5.5 hrs. Depending on model)
*Eppendorf CryoCube® F570h, 570 L, 230 V, 50 Hz. Empty freezer with shelves fitted, set point -80 °C, 21 - 23 °C ambient conditions.

AM: Energy efficiency of freezers is an important consideration in terms of both the environment and costs. Can you describe some of the features of the CryoCube® that help to improve its energy efficiency?

SD: Eppendorf ULT Laboratory Freezers achieve energy efficiency through a variety of means: highly‐efficient compressors, condensers, and fans, specialized refrigerants, vacuum insulation panels, and multiple insulated inner doors. Our freezers operate at peak energy savings.

Many equipment manufacturers and customers alike have recently put an emphasis on energy efficiency. At Eppendorf, this has been a prime concern for years. Because ULT freezers are virtually never turned off, and compared to other lab systems can draw a high amount of energy to maintain the very low temperatures required for sample preservation, we've made energy efficiency a top priority. Eppendorf ULT laboratory freezers are among the most energy‐efficient and eco‐friendly freezers available. They reduce energy consumption by thousands of kilowatt hours over the life time of the product when compared to comparable competitor models.

Did you know:
> CryoCube F570h ULT freezers outperform all competitors for energy savings, based on competitive data and our externally validated test data.
> Our other ULT freezers are among the most energy efficient in the industry
> Hydrocarbon-based refrigerants - dramatically reducing energy usage - were first applied by Eppendorf

The CryoCube F570h and FC660h (high energy efficiency models) further improve energy efficiency by up to 25%, compared to the F570 and FC660. They combine all the enhanced technology of the F570 and the FC660 with additional vacuum insulation coverage.

AM: How does the energy efficiency of the CryoCube® compare to similar products, and what benefits does this offer?

SD: Eppendorf CryoCube freezers reduce energy consumption by hundreds of kilowatt hours per year when compared to comparable competitor models. In some cases this could equate to saving thousands of pounds over the lifespan of the freezer.


AM: The CryoCube® is manufactured in your recently expanded factory in Essex, in the UK. What lead to the development of this new site?

An increase in demand is responsible for the recent expansion to larger premises, located close to the original site.

Maintaining our manufacturing plant at Essex allows us to benefit from the long term knowledge and expertise of New Brunswick, whilst combining the quality and engineering of Eppendorf.

Stephen Dey was speaking to Anna-Marie MacDonald, Editor for Technology Networks.