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Instant Diagnosis Is Still Increasing

Instant Diagnosis Is Still Increasing content piece image
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It’s reported that the instant diagnosis will reach 18.7 billion dollars! News is based on the data of some consulting agencies. As is known, with the prevalence of chronic diseases and infectious diseases, a faster diagnostic method is extremely necessary, which indirectly gives birth to the occurrence of modern diagnostic techniques.

On the basis of efficient algorithms, some advanced diagnostic technologies can effectively diagnose those prognostic diseases with specificity and sensitivity. In addition, the promotion of precise medical items has brought a rapid growth in precise diagnosis, as well as the instant diagnosis. It is still increasing. Nowadays, instant diagnosis has played an important role in clinical application such as POCT. POCT is widely used in oral anticoagulant detection, anti-platelet drug selection, the field of microbiology and drug detection, and especially the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

Recently, the field of instant diagnosis is becoming increasing wide; it has extended to medical health, agriculture, forestry, food testing, environment, and so on. Generally, people call it biological emergency management. Certainly, in terms of instant diagnosis, blood diagnosis is still the main focus, which could bring increasing growths. However, some new growth points have appeared recently, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis, HPV and other infectious diseases. Among these new growth points, handheld blood glucose meter detection device is the most potential.

It’s also reported that instant diagnosis is expected to widen its international market in Asia-Pacific areas, which might make the values reach 530 million dollars. Growth in emerging markets is mainly from health care reform, economic prosperity and aging population. It’s noted that instant diagnosis generally focuses on the following product categories: infectious diseases, cardiac markers, hematology, coagulation, OTC fertility test, clinical chemistry, etc.. It shows a fact that instant diagnosis will lead the medical market to a new era.

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