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Latest Infographics

Optimizing Your Cryopreservation content piece image

Optimizing Your Cryopreservation

This infographic highlights steps you can take to protect your samples and improve your cryopreservation workflow.
Accelerating Diagnostic Test Development content piece image

Accelerating Diagnostic Test Development

An infographic that describes the trends in diagnostic development, important factors to consider when choosing diagnostic component suppliers and how diagnostic services can help accelerate diagnostic assay development.
PFAS Detection content piece image

PFAS Detection

Download this infographic to learn what per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are, why, despite their useful properties, they have become a concern for human health and the environment and the techniques used to detect them.
Microphysiological Systems content piece image

Microphysiological Systems

Microphysiological systems (MPS) are two- or three-dimensional cellular platforms that are designed to recapitulate the physiology and function of the human body in vitro.
Automation in the Lab of the Future content piece image

Automation in the Lab of the Future

Automation, hand-in-hand with digitalization, is one of the founding principles of the Lab of the Future. In this infographic, we explore the potential benefits and challenges of adopting automation solutions in the lab.
History of Women in Science content piece image

History of Women in Science

Download this infographic to see a list of female scientists that have made a significant impact throughout history.
Women in Science: Ancient History to the 21st Century content piece image

Women in Science: Ancient History to the 21st Century

Download this infographic to see a timeline of women who have impacted science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) fields over time.
Turnkey Solutions for T-Cell Activation Research content piece image

Turnkey Solutions for T-Cell Activation Research

This infographic explores the mechanisms that drive immune cell response, T-cell activation analysis and the turnkey solutions for T-cell activation research.
Prenatal Sequencing content piece image

Prenatal Sequencing

In this infographic we’ll explore some of the key concepts in prenatal and neonatal sequencing, focusing particularly on sequencing cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA).
Introducing the Antibody content piece image

Introducing the Antibody

Antibodies are a vital part of the immune system, playing a key role in our ability to fight infection and in the efficacy of vaccinations. However, that’s not where their utility ends. Find out about what antibodies are, where they come from, how they function and how science is putting them to work in the laboratory.