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Meet the Technology Networks team

A picture of Jack Rudd

Jack Rudd

Editorial Director

A picture of Karen Steward PhD

Karen Steward PhD

Senior Scientific Specialist

A picture of Anna MacDonald

Anna MacDonald

Senior Science Editor

A picture of Molly Campbell

Molly Campbell

Senior Science Writer

A picture of Holly Hammond

Holly Hammond

Social Media Coordinator

A picture of Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson

Assistant Editor

A picture of Katie Brighton

Katie Brighton

Scientific Copywriter

A picture of Sarah Whelan PhD

Sarah Whelan PhD

Science Writer

A picture of Leo Bear-McGuinness

Leo Bear-McGuinness

Science Writer & Editor

A picture of Rhianna-lily Smith

Rhianna-lily Smith

Editorial Assistant

A picture of Alexander Beadle

Alexander Beadle

Science Writer

Sales & eMarketing
A picture of Kelly Giles

Kelly Giles

Global Sales Director, The Science Technology Group

A picture of Robert Alderman

Robert Alderman

Associate Sales Director

A picture of Amber Turner

Amber Turner

Sales Manager

A picture of Alice Codling

Alice Codling

Account Manager

A picture of Liam Ludlow

Liam Ludlow

Account Manager

A picture of Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond

Team Leader, Sales Coordination Team

A picture of Taylor Marshall

Taylor Marshall

Senior Sales Coordinator

A picture of Amy Evans

Amy Evans

Campaign Manager

A picture of Nikki Butcher

Nikki Butcher

Campaign Manager

A picture of Chloe Barber

Chloe Barber

eMarketing Manager

A picture of Zoe Braybrook

Zoe Braybrook

Content Marketing Executive

A picture of Blaise Ascott

Blaise Ascott

Marketing Campaign Executive

A picture of Karmel Doughty

Karmel Doughty

Marketing Campaign Coordinator

A picture of Lewis Walker

Lewis Walker

Email Marketing Executive

Webinar and Online Event Production
A picture of Roxanne Newman

Roxanne Newman

Senior Manager, Webinars and Online Events

A picture of George Hammond

George Hammond

Conference Producer

A picture of Princess Cenit

Princess Cenit

Conference Producer

A picture of Heather James

Heather James

Conference Producer

A picture of Jemma Seabrook

Jemma Seabrook

Senior Webinar & Online Events Coordinator

A picture of Jade Kee

Jade Kee

Online Events Marketing Manager

A picture of Gabrielle Lever

Gabrielle Lever

Webinar Marketing Manager

A picture of Greg Veness

Greg Veness

Webinar & Online Events Coordinator

Custom Content Creation
A picture of Mariana Gil PhD

Mariana Gil PhD

Custom Content Manager

A picture of Lucy Lawrence

Lucy Lawrence

Senior Digital Producer & Editor

A picture of Kate Harrison PhD

Kate Harrison PhD

Senior Science Writer

A picture of Lucy Fell

Lucy Fell

Scientific Copy Editor

A picture of Steven Gibney PhD

Steven Gibney PhD

Science Writer

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