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World-first Genomic Analysis of Puberty Provides Insights Into Cancer and Infertility
News   Jan 13, 2020

In the first-ever genome-scale analysis of the puberty process in humans, researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah (U of U) outline distinct and critical changes to stem cells in males during adolescence.


Genetic Testing Provides Insights Into Sudden Unexplained Deaths in Amish Community
News   Jan 09, 2020

Researchers used post-mortem genetic testing to find the underlying cause of multiple sudden deaths in young people and sudden cardiac arrests in two large Amish families.


Using AI To Detect and Grade Prostate Cancer
News   Jan 09, 2020

Research teams at the Karolinska Institutet and Tampere University have developed a method based on artificial intelligence (AI) for the diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer.


Smartphone Cameras Can Speed Up Urinary Tract Infection Diagnosis
News   Jan 09, 2020

Researchers have developed a test that could help diagnose urinary tract infections more quickly than current tests, using a normal smartphone camera.


Biomarker Predicts Which Patients With Heart Failure Have a Higher Risk of Dying
News   Jan 08, 2020

A UCLA-led study revealed a new way to predict which patients with "stable" heart failure - those who have heart injury but do not require hospitalization - have a higher risk of dying within one to three years.


Gender Differences in Self-Promotion of Research
News   Jan 06, 2020

In a recent study by Lerchenmueller et al., male scientists were found to frame their research findings more positively than female scientists and subsequently received higher rates of citations.


Direct-to-Consumer Fertility Testing: A Viable Alternative or Confusing and Misleading?
News   Jan 02, 2020

Consumers view direct-to-consumer fertility testing as a viable alternative to traditional testing, but also find it confusing and misleading, according to a new study.


Celebrating One Million Records: An Open-access Database for Clinical Geneticists
News   Dec 24, 2019

An open-access database for medically-relevant human variation has announced the submission of the one-millionth record.


Genetic Test Could Reveal Causes of Rare Diseases
News   Dec 20, 2019

A new study suggests that the causes of rare diseases could be uncovered by using an approach created to identify genetic mutations that trigger a muscle-wasting condition.


Paper-based Test Could Diagnose Lyme Disease at Early Stages
News   Dec 19, 2019

Researchers have developed a blood test that quickly and sensitively diagnoses Lyme disease in its early stages.