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New PET Scan Can Gauge Beta Cell Function

News   Aug 03, 2018 | Original story sourced from the Society Of Nuclear Medicine And Molecular Imaging

A PET Imaging Method to Track and Guide Diabetes Therapies

Top: Representative axial slices of PET/CT overlay of pancreas uptake (white arrows) for each dopaminergic radioligand A) 11C-(+)-PHNO B) 11C-FLB457 and C) 11C-raclopride. All SUV images summed from 20-30 minutes. Bottom: Representative coronal PET/CT images of 11C-(+)-PHNO in pancreas (white arrows) for A) healthy control B) C-peptide deficient T1DM subject C) T1DM subject with detectable C-peptide All SUV images are summed from 20-30 minutes. A) SUV scale 0-20 B-C) SUV scale 0-15. Credit: J Bini et al., Yale University, New Haven, CT.



Portable Ebola Test Brings Quicker Diagnosis to Remote Regions


Researchers have created a portable and fast-acting test that can distinguish Ebola infections from other fever-causing infectious diseases such as Lassa fever and malaria in around 30 minutes. Although further testing is required, this could be useful during febrile disease outbreaks.


Peeling Off Pesky Biofilms


Researchers have found a way to cleanly and completely peel off notoriously problematic biofilm sludges.


Precise Engineering of Graphene Could Benefit Lab-on-a-chip Applications


A team of NYU researchers has solved a longstanding puzzle of how to build ultra-sensitive, ultra-small electrochemical sensors with homogenous and predictable properties by discovering how to engineer graphene structure on an atomic level.



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