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New PET Scan Can Gauge Beta Cell Function

News   Aug 03, 2018 | Original story sourced from the Society Of Nuclear Medicine And Molecular Imaging

A PET Imaging Method to Track and Guide Diabetes Therapies

Top: Representative axial slices of PET/CT overlay of pancreas uptake (white arrows) for each dopaminergic radioligand A) 11C-(+)-PHNO B) 11C-FLB457 and C) 11C-raclopride. All SUV images summed from 20-30 minutes. Bottom: Representative coronal PET/CT images of 11C-(+)-PHNO in pancreas (white arrows) for A) healthy control B) C-peptide deficient T1DM subject C) T1DM subject with detectable C-peptide All SUV images are summed from 20-30 minutes. A) SUV scale 0-20 B-C) SUV scale 0-15. Credit: J Bini et al., Yale University, New Haven, CT.



Mild Cognitive Impairment and Signaling Explored With MRS Scan


Whereas magnetic resonance imaging primarily measures the brain’s water, magnetic resonance spectroscopy has been long used to identify metabolites based on “signature” peaks of the substances generated in response to certain vibrations.


Mass Spec Study Backs Remarkable Parkinson's Smell Test


A skin swab test for Parkinson's has become a real possibility, after mass spectrometry was used to detect altered levels of specific compounds on the skin of people with the condition. The research is a result of the incredible ability of one woman to detect a unique odor on the skin of people with Parkinson's disease. These findings open the door to a non-invasive screening test.


AI Utilized to Predict Cancer's Migration to the Brain


A new precision medicine approach developed at the University of Michigan aims to predict cancer’s likelihood of migrating to the brain, and to aid in the search for new treatments



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