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Corporate Collaboration with Large Pharmaceutical Company

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ANGLE plc has announced that it has agreed a collaboration with a subsidiary of a large pharmaceutical company (the “Collaborator”) to investigate the combination of ANGLE’s Parsortix circulating tumour cell (CTC) harvesting platform with the Collaborator’s single cell analysis system.

The Collaborator Group is a multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics company with multi-billion dollar revenues. The name of the Collaborator and other terms of the collaboration are not disclosed.

The Collaborator’s cell analysis system is best deployed on sub-populations of cells that have been pre-enriched (concentration of target cells and reduction of non-target cells such as white blood cells).

The Collaborator wishes to evaluate the use of the Parsortix system as a standard pre-enrichment system for their single cell analysis system. ANGLE’s key opinion leaders have previously reported that the Parsortix system harvests a high purity of CTCs and was 30 times purer than a leading antibody-based system. The first phase is a proof-of-principle of the Collaborator’s system working with Parsortix.

ANGLE’s patented Parsortix system can harvest very rare circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in cancer patient blood - even when there is less than one CTC in one billion healthy cells. The aim of the resulting liquid biopsy (simple blood test) is to enable the investigation of mutations in the patient’s cancer for personalized cancer care.

The Parsortix system is “open-source” and has been designed to work with all existing analytical procedures in the same way that the existing solid biopsy provides cancer cells for a wide variety of analytical procedures.

ANGLE’s commercialization strategy is to establish a series of partnerships with multiple leading diagnostic companies to offer a complete solution to the oncologist. ANGLE believes this is the optimal approach for unlocking the multi-billion dollar worldwide market available to the Company and its potential strategic partners.

Partners will be selected for their specialist technical capabilities enabling new high medical utility applications and/or their market strength and existing installed base of diagnostic systems enabling accelerated market adoption of the Parsortix system.

ANGLE’s Founder and Chief Executive, Andrew Newland, commented: “We believe ANGLE’s Parsortix system is the leading system for harvesting circulating tumour cells from blood for analysis in personalized cancer care. The combination of our system with the Collaborator’s single cell analysis system would produce a powerful analytical capability, initially for researchers and ultimately for clinicians creating a major commercial opportunity for ANGLE.”