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Epic Sciences, Station X Collaborate

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Station X, Inc., a pioneer in solving big data analytics and platform integration challenges for customers engaging in genomics-based clinical research and medical applications, has announced that Epic Sciences will use its GenePool® platform to facilitate data interpretation and collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies developing companion diagnostics based on the company’s innovative circulating tumor cell (CTC) technology.   

Currently, Epic Sciences is involved in more than 58 active clinical trials with over 35 pharma partners developing diagnostic assays to target therapies to the right patient population at the right time, which is the ultimate goal of precision medicine. The company is also actively involved in several research collaborations to better understand metastatic disease heterogeneity across multiple disease indications and therapeutic settings.

“Epic Sciences is working closely with biopharmaceutical companies who are interested in developing new diagnostic tests utilizing our proprietary CTC platform to provide insight into heterogeneous metastatic disease at the single cell level. This will elucidate how a patient's cancer evolves over time and the impact on therapeutic efficacy,” said Mark Landers, Director of Genomics at Epic Sciences. “GenePool from Station X delivers a sophisticated data management and collaboration platform that is allowing us to deliver on our strategy to develop a robust commercial platform with a strong and diverse pipeline of diagnostic and companion diagnostic products.”

GenePool from Station X is a secure software-as-a-service platform that makes big genomics data manageable and meaningful. GenePool is pre-loaded with standard clinical reporting capabilities for incidental findings and tumor profiling, but its flexibility means organizations like Epic Sciences can customize GenePool for use with their proprietary assays. GenePool also provides a convenient and dynamic way to share data with collaborators for updated reporting and for the interactive investigation of the aggregated information in an intuitive and secure web-based environment.

“GenePool was developed from the ground up to be a modern and scalable solution that is adaptable to multiple data types and can be customized to support a variety of biomarker discovery applications,” said Shikha O’Brien, Vice President, Commercial Operations at Station X. “We are pleased to be working with innovators like Epic Sciences and proud that GenePool is helping them rapidly deliver insights into disease heterogeneity, simplify the logistical issues involved in dealing with big genomic data and its integration into multi-parametric analysis.”

Epic Sciences President and CEO Murali Prahalad will be discussing the company’s technology, in a presentation titled “CTCs Come of Age as Biomarkers,” at the Personalized Medicine World Conference in Mountain View, California on January 27th at 3:45 p.m. Pacific Time.

GenePool is available as a web-based service directly from Station X. Through a flexible API, GenePool will integrate with existing LIMS systems and leading third-party data storage and management platforms including Amazon Web Services, DNAnexus, Google Cloud Platform and Illumina BaseSpace, among others.