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Immunexpress, AMC Collaborate

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Immunexpress Inc. has announced an exclusive collaboration with the Academic Medical Center (AMC) at the University of Amsterdam to characterize and clinically evaluate sepsis and sepsis-related biomarker signatures of the host response. This four-year collaboration with AMC’s Prof. Dr. Tom van der Poll and his team will leverage the informatics expertise of both groups to further the clinical evaluation of proprietary biomarker signatures, as well as additional RNA, protein and epigenetic biomarkers.

The collaboration is designed to advance Immunexpress’s commercialization of a pipeline of host response products tailored for improved management of patients with sepsis and suspected of sepsis. “Prof. van der Poll is one of the world’s leading experts on sepsis, and we are excited to continue to work with him and his team under this new collaboration,” said Dr. Roslyn Brandon, President and CEO of Immunexpress.

“Through this partnership we hope to obtain a greater understanding of the host response to infection, sepsis and septic shock and to further aid in improved sepsis patient management.” Prof. Tom van der Poll, Principle Investigator at the Academic Medical Center, said, “The host immune response will provide us with a greater understanding of the mechanisms of sepsis pathology and potentially help to identify new diagnostic and treatment strategies for this endemic syndrome.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Immunexpress will provide financial support, bioinformatic partnering, and lead product development and commercialization. Prof. van der Poll and his team will lead publication of the collaboration’s findings and continue the commercially-oriented research and development directions of the MARS (Molecular Diagnosis and Risk Stratifications of Sepsis) Consortium, a trial of over 7,500 ICU patients with sepsis or at risk of developing sepsis.

As a first step, Immunexpress and Prof. Tom van der Poll and his team jointly published in December last year in PLoS Medicine the preliminary clinical validation studies of the SeptiCyte™ LAB biomarkers.