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Inivata Raises £4m to Realize the Potential of ctDNA Analysis

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Inivata has announced that it has raised £4m in a funding round led by Imperial Innovations and including Cambridge Innovation Capital and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation.

Inivata is focused on developing clinical applications of ctDNA through collaborations with clinical oncologists at prominent academic institutions, leading community treatment centres and innovative biopharmaceutical companies.

Novel applications of ctDNA are enabled by Inivata’s technology platform which includes its proprietary, enhanced TAm-Seq™ technology. TAm-Seq, which is licensed to Inivata from Cancer Research Technology and the University of Cambridge, allows the detection and analysis of genomic material from a cancer patient’s cell-free ctDNA collected through routinely accessible blood samples.

This non-invasive approach - a liquid biopsy - offers a revolution in how cancer is detected, monitored and treated. Inivata’s founders are recognized leaders in the clinical genomics and ctDNA fields having developed pioneering ctDNA and novel treatment approaches in Cancer Research UK-funded laboratories at the University of Cambridge.

Inivata works with industry and academics to develop new clinical applications for ctDNA analysis which will bring real benefits to physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies and payers. Inivata’s goal is to provide physicians with the information they need to provide the best outcomes for patients and effective design for clinical trials.

Michael Stocum, CEO of Inivata, said: “There is major focus on ctDNA analysis which promises the ability to improve monitoring and treatment of cancer based on information from routine blood samples. We are taking a collaborative approach to the development of clinical applications for ctDNA analysis which have the potential to transform how the disease is understood and treated."

“Nitzan Rosenfeld and his team are leaders in the field. I am excited to be working with our scientific founders, and with this significant fund raising secured we are now focused on working with pharmaceutical, clinical and academic partners to identify applications and rapidly realize the potential of the enhanced TAm-Seq approach.”

Rob Woodman of Imperial Innovations said: “The oncology molecular testing and treatment market is large and growing. Inivata is well-placed to capitalize on this market growth by bringing real benefits to physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies and payers.”

Robert Tansley of Cambridge Innovation Capital said: “The research by Dr Rosenfeld’s team is ground breaking and offers new options in cancer monitoring to better manage treatment response prediction. This investment will secure the development of this technology in Cambridge and facilitate its translation into the clinic for the benefit of patients.”

Keith Blundy, Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Research Technology and Inivata board member, said: “We’re delighted to be involved in taking this promising technology developed by Cancer Research UK scientists to the next level. Developing technologies that allow clinicians to monitor how tumours respond to treatment non-invasively and in real-time forms a crucial part of Cancer Research UK’s commitment to deliver the promise of precision cancer medicine to patients.”