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Interpace Diagnostics, Viatar Collaborate

Interpace Diagnostics, Viatar Collaborate content piece image
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Interpace Diagnostics Group, Inc. has initiatiated a collaborative research program with Viatar CTC Solutions Inc. (Viatar).

The collaboration utilizes Viatar’s novel circulating tumor cell collection technology in combination with the Company’s commercialized PancraGEN™ assay that is used to help assess indeterminate pancreatic cancer biopsies in patients with pancreatic cysts. Studies are being designed to identify patients most likely to develop pancreatic cancer in the near future as well as to detect pancreatic cancer at its earliest stage of development.

These pre-clinical studies are expected to take place over the next six months and may lead to the implementation of early diagnostic testing and assessment for patients with pancreatic diseases and/or for those predisposed to the development of this aggressive and difficult to treat form of cancer most in need of early and accurate detection.

According to Jack E. Stover President & CEO of Interpace Diagnostics, “We are pleased to partner with Viatar, a company dedicated to CTC’s and in combination with our PancraGEN assay we are hopeful of providing early detection, prognosis and disease monitoring by way of liquid biopsies for pancreatic cancer at its earliest stage of detection. ”