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Liquid Biotech USA, MolecularMatch Partner

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Liquid Biotech USA Inc. and MolecularMatch have joined together to form a strategic partnership aimed at expediting cancer detection and treatment. As a part of the partnership, Liquid Biotech USA will begin an exploratory phase—utilizing MolecularMatch data integrations and its treatment database to help build its technology processes.

“Like many advanced diagnostics companies, Liquid Biotech USA sits at the edge of a rift between the promise of its liquid biopsy testing, and the resource-consuming matter of tracking innumerable treatments and trial data,” said MolecularMatch CEO Kevin Coker. “We are right at the tipping point of bridging that rift and making personalized cancer treatment the cornerstone of care.”

Liquid Biotech USA is a pioneer in liquid biopsy technology, a promising new test schema that can identify individual circulating tumor cells (CTCs) found in the blood of cancer patients—making cancer detectable far earlier, faster and safer via a simple blood draw. The company recently announced a proof-of-concept trial and additional funding.

“Our test’s primary advantage is in early, precision detection,” said Philip Sass, Chairman, President and CEO of Liquid Biotech USA. “Frequently, cancer doesn’t present until it has already spread—our test gets us ahead of that curve. MolecularMatch’s ability to quickly match test results to treatment, alongside its considerable knowledge base, are a perfect compliment, adding additional speed-to-treatment on top of ours.”

The partnership will also help fuel the growth of both organizations, providing opportunities to demonstrate the potency of a liquid-biopsy lab/clinical intelligence platform combination in cancer treatment. “Both organizations are excited about our collaboration and its many opportunities said Jeffrey Janco, Liquid Biotech USA Executive Vice President and COO. “Our new partnership should allow us both to present a more complete picture of our complementary offerings, from test to treatment.”