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Luminex SYNCT Software Receives FDA Clearance, CE Mark

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Luminex Corporation has announced that its SYNCT™ Software has received both U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance and CE Marking for use with its ARIES® System and NxTAG® assays on the MAGPIX® System. SYNCT Software is middleware that provides access to data and reports through a single interface, and allows for customizable workflows by connecting ARIES® and NxTAG-enabled MAGPIX workstations in the lab.

Specifically designed for molecular laboratories running ARIES® and NxTAG assays, SYNCT empowers laboratory directors by offering a streamlined workflow, enhanced data management, and the ability to easily add new functionality. From anywhere in the lab, users can create and prepare orders or manage results from all next-generation Luminex instruments, allowing for division of labor and flexibility to work within any lab process connected to SYNCT.

Centralized reporting allows for higher-quality results because data can be accumulated in one place and overseen by the laboratory director. Labs with multiple locations can use SYNCT Software to route all results to a single reviewer, anywhere on the lab network, before sending to the lab information system.

"SYNCT is efficient software for our daily workflow," said Tong Her, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Test Development and Validation, St. John Hospital and Medical Center. "The order management menu makes it easy to order tests and the 'run report' tool allows for simple interpretation of test results."

Optional applications that provide more functionality and value can easily be added with minimal validation effort. As an example, the ARIES® UDP (User Defined Protocol) App enables customers to create assay protocol files for running analyte specific reagents or customer developed primers in laboratory developed tests.

"Challenges associated with software and information systems that don't talk to each other waste precious time that lab directors would rather spend maximizing efficiency and ensuring the most accurate and reproducible results from their lab," said Eric Shapiro, Vice President, Global Marketing at Luminex Corporation. "We are proud to offer our molecular lab customers a better way to manage their data while reducing operational costs."