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MDRNA, Inc. Issued Patent for the Use of Nucleic Acids to Treat Cancer

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MDRNA, Inc. has announced that the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (PRC) has issued a Notification of Granting Patent Rights for PRC 200480018784 which includes the use of nucleic acids.

The patent describes modulation of claudins, which are proteins implicated in tumor progression and metastasis.

"China's pharmaceutical markets are growing nearly 20% a year," said J. Michael French, President and CEO of MDRNA. "China has seen significant expansion in both the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, which provides an ideal environment for our ongoing efforts to seek international R&D collaborations and investment opportunities. With this patent and our recent allowance of a patent covering RNAi-based modulation of JAM-1 for the treatment of cancer we continue to extend our oncology patent estate worldwide."