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New England Biolabs, TTP Collaborate to Provide Services for Molecular Diagnostics

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New offering will include integrated and comprehensive product development services for fast tracking innovation, progressing ideas into commercial products

TTP plc, a leading technology and product development company, and New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB®), an industry leader in the discovery and production of enzymes for molecular biology applications, recently announce that they have established a non-exclusive partnership to offer services to molecular diagnostic technology developers. The new offering will include comprehensive product development services that span instrumentation, consumables and reagents.

The partnership is focused on supporting customers in the molecular diagnostic and wider life science space to rapidly transition ideas into commercially successful products. The services will couple NEB’s catalog of reagents and expertise in enzyme development and manufacturing with TTP’s Desktop Biology™ product development and physical engineering know-how, to provide capabilities that allow the delivery of more complete solutions, spanning from consumables and instrumentation through to reagents.

Dr. Giles Sanders, Consultant at TTP, explained: “With over 40 years of molecular biology expertise and the industry’s largest selection of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research, NEB is the ideal partner for our molecular diagnostics services. NEB reagents are mainstays of the modern molecular biology laboratory and are already essential components of many of today’s diagnostic platform technologies. At TTP, we understand the fundamental steps required to convert lab-based biological processes to a functional low-cost disposable and instrument, and together we now able to fast track more complete product development solutions.”

Dr. Breton Hornblower, Product Marketing Manager at NEB, said: “We were impressed by TTP’s Desktop Biology offering and saw an opportunity to craft a more seamless experience for companies looking to accelerate development of their chemistry and assays toward commercialization of a product in the diagnostics field. NEB was already committed to developing novel enzyme specificities for incorporation into new clinical and molecular testing platforms.  Our customers will now be able to access these reagents as part of these services, along with those of TTP.”  

NEB holds ISO13485 and ISO9001 Quality Management Systems certifications and is actively increasing capacity to manufacture enzymes and other reagents according to good manufacturing practices (GMP) for us in the human therapeutic and molecular diagnostic markets.