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PathoQuest Announces Changes to Executive Leadership Team

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PathoQuest has announced changes to the executive leadership team effective immediately. Jean-François Brepson is appointed by the board as President & Chief Executive Officer. This announcement follows the resignation for personal reasons of Guy-Charles de la Horie, the company’s former Chief Executive Officer. The board members ‘expressed appreciation for his contribution to the development of the company.

Professor Marc Eloit - founder of PathoQuest and former President - keeps his active involvement as Chief Scientific Officer, bringing his recognized expertise in the infectiology field and leading the Strategic Scientific Committee to be created.

“It's with confidence that I am welcoming the new President while keeping a strong involvement in PathoQuest scientific developments to prepare the launching of our test of diagnostic of infectious diseases.” said Marc.

Jean-François Brepson has over 20 years leadership experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He has an Engineering Degree in Data Management System and a Master Degree in Foreign Trade. He earned «The Leadership & Innovation certificate» ( HEC, Paris ) and «The Blue Ocean Strategy Certificate» (INSEAD, Fontainebleau).

Since 2011, as Senior VP he was leading the global GI-Oncology & Endocrinology Franchise at IPSEN. He made a decisive contribution to the creation of leading portfolio in Neuro-Endocrines Tumors in close collaboration with R&D and Business Development teams. He led the pre-launch of IPSEN n°1 product in GI-Oncology on a worldwide basis.

Prior to this, he held several commercial operations positions as area Manager, BU Head, General Manager in the EMEA region contributing to fast profitable growth. His experience in global & local launch together with his proven track record in change management will contribute to successfully scale up PathoQuest.

«I am delighted to be joining PathoQuest with the objective to drive the market launch of a revolutionizing molecular diagnostic methodology, which will help the medical community to provide targeted treatment of infectious diseases to patients. An impressive demonstration has been made in a recent comparative clinical study with classical methods in immunocompromised patients.» said Jean-François.

«These changes are going to accelerate the company's development to its next phase of global commercialization. With its unique and disruptive technology, we are very confident in the growth potential of PathoQuest» said Thierry Laugel, Managing Partner at Kurma Partners.