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Premaitha Establishes the First IONA® Testing Service in France

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Premaitha Health plc has appointed Adgenix as its exclusive distributor in France. There are approximately 820,000 births per annum in France. Adgenix has already signed up its first laboratory customer for Premaitha in France, with a signed contract for a minimum of three years to supply LaboSud with the IONA® test.

LaboSud is a private group of reference laboratories in the Montpellier region of France. It provides medical and diagnostic laboratory services to clinics and hospitals from the Languedoc-Roussillon region with plans to expand its offering to all of France.

The IONA® test estimates the risk of a fetus being affected by Down’s syndrome and other serious genetic conditions by analyzing cell-free fetal DNA from a sample of maternal blood, known as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Premaitha’s test is more sensitive and specific than the current combined test available and provides pregnant women and their families with a more accurate and reliable screening result, helping reduce the need for invasive procedures that carry a risk of a miscarriage.

The IONA® test enables clinical laboratories to be able to offer their own decentralized NIPT in-house service. The blood sample can be analyzed in local laboratories, such as LaboSud, rather than having to be shipped outside of France. This allows pregnant women and their healthcare providers to get much faster results, giving them the information they need to make informed decisions in a shorter timeframe, thereby helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Dr Stephen Little, CEO of Premaitha said: “Securing our first French partnership with LaboSud and Adgenix is an important step forward for us as we continue to expand the reach of the IONA® test across Europe. Our NIPT test provides more accurate and faster results that will benefit more pregnant women in France.

“We look forward to getting the IONA® test up and running at LaboSud with our world class technical support team and training programme. The support of Adgenix as our local distributor has also been a huge benefit in establishing this customer and we hope to continue to develop this and other relationships.”