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RPRD Diagnostics, Children's Minnesota Collaborate

RPRD Diagnostics, Children's Minnesota Collaborate content piece image
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RPRD Diagnostics has announced a collaboration with Children's Minnesota dedicated to implementing a pharmacogenomic testing process.  RPRD Diagnostics is a privately-held precision medicine company specializing in comprehensive pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing and analysis. RPRD aims to advance clinical pharmacogenomic testing. By implementing this process the aim is to ensure patients get the right medication at the right time, making care more precise and more affordable.

"Comprehensive pre-emptive pharmacogenomic testing is the cornerstone of precision medicine, especially in pediatrics, and RPRD Diagnostics is a pioneer in this area," said Nancy Mendelsohn, MD, senior medical director of specialty care at Children's Minnesota. "Collaborating with RPRD Diagnostics underscores our commitment to integrating pharmacogenomic medicine into the care of our patients, with the goal of providing better care and better outcomes."

Through this new collaboration, Children's Minnesota will begin using the RPRD Diagnostic platform within the cancer and blood disorder clinic as well as within the neurology-psychology practice. Clinical specialists at the Children's Minnesota genomic medicine program will work closely with RPRD Diagnostics in the implementation of this innovative service.  

"We are a science-driven company focused on innovation, and we are excited to work together with Children's Minnesota," said Ulrich Broeckel, MD, founder and CEO of RPRD Diagnostics. "They have made substantial commitments toward implementing pharmacogenomics for their patients and are leading the way as a premiere pediatric healthcare provider. Historically, the application of pharmacogenetics has been limited by the high cost and limited scope of available tests—two barriers that RPRD Diagnostics has overcome. We appreciate that Children's Minnesota sees the value in our comprehensive test panels."