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29th November TMi10 Tech Net

Teach Me in 10: Accelerating Cell and Gene Therapy Development

This one-day online event will feature short talks covering recent innovations in research and technology in the cell and gene therapy domain. Our expert panel of presenters will address key advances across the entire R&D pipeline, from pre-clinical work right through to bioprocessing and manufacturing.   

This online event will explore:

  • Innovative technologies driving R&D innovation, such as synthetic biology, gene editing for custom cellular therapies, and viral vectors for precise gene delivery
  • The significance of next-generation and single-cell sequencing in achieving accurate genetic modifications
  • Opportunities accessible to academic scientists, including venture capital, licensing agreements, and M&A or joint ventures
  • The crucial role of patient samples in advancing cell therapy research

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A picture of Jon Pileggi
Jon Pileggi
Senior Manager – Process Development
A picture of Janita Good, PhD
Janita Good, PhD
Partner and Co-head of Life Sciences Group
A picture of Shriya Das
Shriya Das
Clinical Project Manager
COMPASS Pathways
A picture of Rebecca Warfield, PhD
Rebecca Warfield, PhD
Field Application Scientist
A picture of Jorge Escobar Ivirico, PhD
Jorge Escobar Ivirico, PhD
Product Manager, Bioprocess Solutions
A picture of Alex Hastie, PhD
Alex Hastie, PhD
Vice President, Clinical and Scientific Affairs
A picture of Catriona Thomson, PhD
Catriona Thomson, PhD
Head of Applications Development
A picture of Brian Fan
Brian Fan
Scientific Solutions Consultant
A picture of Jérémie Parot, PhD
Jérémie Parot, PhD
Research Scientist
A picture of Philip J. (P.J.) Brooks, PhD
Philip J. (P.J.) Brooks, PhD
Deputy Director
National Institutes of Health
A picture of Amicia Elliott, PhD
Amicia Elliott, PhD
Senior Product Manager
Form Bio
A picture of Professor Mikael Kubista
Professor Mikael Kubista
Head of the Department of Gene Expression, Institute of Biotechnology, Czech Academy of Sciences
A picture of Martin Michaelis, PhD
Martin Michaelis, PhD
Professor of Molecular Medicine, University of Kent
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