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Absolute Biotech Relaunches SCICONS™ dsRNA Antibodies and ELISA Kits

An antibody.
Credit: ANIRUDH/ Unsplash
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Absolute Biotech has announced the reintroduction of SCICONS™ dsRNA antibodies. Originally developed in 1990, SCICONS antibodies have become the gold standard in double-stranded RNA detection, with hundreds of peer-reviewed citations characterizing their use in a diverse range of applications. The antibodies are now available to scientists worldwide through Absolute Biotech, with offerings including the original clones, ELISA kits and recombinant engineered antibody formats.

The SCICONS antibodies are used to detect dsRNA intermediates of a wide range of viruses, including chikungunya, dengue, hepatitis, rabies, rhinovirus, polio, swine fever and more. The antibody clones – J2, J5, K1 and K2 – are highly specific and lack reactivity with DNA and single-stranded RNA. They have been extensively applied by virology researchers and mRNA vaccine developers to study the viral life cycle and anti-viral responses, as well as used as a diagnostic tool to detect whether an unknown pathogen is bacterial or viral.

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In addition to the original mouse monoclonal antibodies, Absolute Biotech offers the antibodies packaged into ELISA kits as well as recombinantly produced formats. The antibodies are available off-the-shelf in different species and isotypes, as well as unique formats such as Fc silenced and His-tagged Fab fragments, with other formats available upon request.

“We’re excited to reintroduce SCICONS™ dsRNA antibodies to the global scientific community, with a new look and next-generation options, using the same dsRNA technology that has been trusted for decades,” said Dr. Ed Horton, Chief Commercial Officer of Absolute Biotech. “It’s a great example of why Absolute Biotech was founded, to bring together unique product portfolios and wide-ranging antibody expertise to deliver reagents that empower scientists.”