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Arralyze® Launches CellShepherd®: A Fully Autonomous Single-Cell Platform for Real-Time Monitoring of Functional Assays

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ARRALYZE®, the Life Science arm of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE, proudly announces the commercial availability of the CellShepherd®. After a successful beta-testing phase in 2023, this groundbreaking platform is now ready to revolutionize cell-based research and development across biomedical and various life science fields.

CellShepherd®: Redefining Single-Cell Analysis

CellShepherd®, developed by ARRALYZE®, responds to the urgent need for advanced functional cell screening technologies in academic and industrial laboratories. It stands out with ARRALYZE’s proprietary nanowell glass arrays, which miniaturize cell-based assays while enabling real-time monitoring at the single-cell level. This autonomous platform boasts precise dispensing into nanoliter glass wells and supports (co)-culturing under climate-controlled, sterile conditions. Its capabilities extend to real-time imaging through a brightfield microscope and three fluorescent channels. Leveraging advanced AI-driven analysis, CellShepherd® accurately counts and tracks cells, offering vital insights into various parameters. This innovation promises a new era in scientific research characterized by precision, control, and deep insights.

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Meeting Market Demands: The ARRALYZE® Vision

CellShepherd® is designed to fulfill the growing demand for technologies capable of studying small and large cell populations at the single-cell level and isolating target cells. By adopting a holistic approach, ARRALYZE® enables customers to uncover individual characteristics of heterogeneous cell populations and gain insight into the kinetics of experiments, monitoring functionality at different time points. This approach overcomes challenges such as harsh experiment conditions, limited microenvironment control, and difficulties maintaining cell viability.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary nanowell glass arrays for precise miniaturization of cell-based assays.
  • Precise dispensing of cell suspensions with outstanding viability.
  • Autonomous operation supporting (co)-culturing in a climate-controlled, sterile environment.
  • Advanced real-time imaging capabilities including a brightfield microscope and three fluorescent channels.
  • AI-driven analysis for accurate cell counting and tracking.
  • User-friendly interface designed for ease of experiment setup, monitoring, and analysis.
  • Ability to isolate live cells for downstream processes, enhancing versatility and application scope.