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Beckman Coulter Brings the Productivity and Efficiency Benefits of Large-Volume Haematology Analysers to Small and Medium-Sized Labs

Beckman Coulter Brings the Productivity and Efficiency Benefits of Large-Volume Haematology Analysers to Small and Medium-Sized Labs content piece image
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Beckman Coulter announced today the launch of the DxH 560 AL, a tabletop analyser geared to reduce the time and resource constraints faced by small to mid-sized laboratories. With the analyser’s Auto-Loading functionality, closed tube aspiration and walkaway capabilities, users can continually add up to 50 samples, provide safety against blood-borne pathogens and spend less time on manual instrument tasks. Compactly designed, the DxH 560 AL uses ~30% less counter space than other analysers in its class.

The DxH 560 AL delivers results in 60 seconds or less, and is the ideal instrument to use with difficult-to-draw patients (infants, oncology and elderly) as it only needs a 17 μL sample – less than a drop of blood, one of the smallest aspiration volumes on the market. The analyser also provides industry-leading privacy and security features including customizable user login, paperless data management and fully traceable automated timeouts that guards patient electronic personal health information.

“With proven performance and low-cost to operate, the DxH 560 AL includes the analytical strengths and data management capabilities of high-throughput analysers in a small footprint,” said Peter Soltani, PhD, senior vice president and general manager of haematology at Beckman Coulter. “The industry-leading functionality and auto-load capabilities of the DxH 560 AL enables smaller labs to reap the same efficiency and productivity benefits as their larger counterparts without blowing the budget.”

The DxH 560 AL is part of Beckman Coulter’s DxH 500 series of small footprint tabletop haematology analysers, including the recently launched DxH 500 and the award winning DxH 520*. The full DxH 500 series of analysers include dynamic gating for its 5-part differential, eliminating rejected results and lowering manual interventions.

Beckman Coulter’s DxH 560 AL builds on the organization’s strength in haematology innovation and complements its broad spectrum of haematology analysers, including the award winning DxH 690T** for mid-volume, DxH 900 for high-volume and DxH connected workcell solutions for ultra-high-volume facilities. For more information on the DxH 560 AL, or the full DxH 500 series, visit https://www.beckmancoulter.com/en/products/hematology/dxh-560-autoloader-hematology-analyzer.