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Binding Site Chosen as Partner in the Black Swan ‘Cure Myeloma’ Research Initiative

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Binding Site has announced that it has been chosen as an important diagnostic partner in the Black Swan ‘cure myeloma’ Research Initiative, sponsored by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF).

The initiative will co-ordinate an international collaboration led by an elite team of world experts in the field of multiple myeloma. This expert panel have identified the tools that they will use to help them confirm the various drug regimens that will help achieve a path to the cure, including the use of Binding Site’s Freelite® and Hevylite® tests.

Freelite® is the only test approved by the International Myeloma Working Group for quantifying serum free light chains, and Hevylite® is an exciting new development aimed at improving patient monitoring. These unique blood test technologies are used throughout the world to assist physicians in understanding multiple myeloma patients’ course of disease and, importantly, the quality of their response. Together, these tests have been the subject of over 2,500 peer reviewed papers.

‘It’s very exciting to see the progress we’re making with the Black Swan Research Initiative, and it’s quite possible that we will begin to cure a sub-set of patients in the not too distant future,’ says Susie Novis, President and Co-founder of the IMF.

Dr Stephen Harding, Research and Development Director at Binding Site commented ‘We have a total commitment to research in this field and Binding Site is delighted to support this IMF initiative aimed at improving patient outcomes’.