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Bruker Showcases High-Performance Solutions at Analytica 2024 for Research and Analysis

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Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) is showcasing some of its latest innovations at Analytica 2024:

Applied and industrial markets solutions

The new EVOQ DART-TQ mass spectrometer simplifies high-throughput testing with its integrated DART ion source, eliminating the need for upfront chromatography. With a 20-second analysis time per sample, it provides a fast solution for routine food and environmental testing. By bypassing traditional chromatography methods, it enhances productivity and uptime while lowering the cost of ownership. It offers a quick switch to LC-MS for conventional water and food testing.  


The ecTOF is a novel GC-HRMS that records EI and CI spectral data in one GC run. It combines parent ion data (via soft CI) and NIST-searchable fragment ion spectra (70 eV EI) to reduce false positives and identify unknown compounds in complex samples. The ecTOF also improves analysis speed, instrument uptime, and expedites data post-processing. This elevates the analysis of complex samples in targeted, suspect, and non-targeted GC-HRMS.

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The new BEAM FT-NIR uses Bruker’s RockSolid™ interferometer for accuracy and stability. Designed for quality control, it is IP65-protected and suitable for solid and semi-solid materials, and can be fitted on pipelines, hoppers, or conveyor belts. The BEAM improves manufacturing process control and minimizes variations. Its single-point FT-NIR process analyzer allows quick analysis in process environments, ensuring long-term stability for minimizing waste and rework.


The D6 PHASER makes advanced XRD methods accessible for cleantech markets. Dr. Jan Vos, Researcher at Magneto Special Anodes, stated: “We are heavily invested in the development of electrocatalytic coatings that will form the beating heart of the next generation of water electrolyzers in the green energy transition. Bruker's D6 PHASER provides us with the extraordinary power, flexibility, and accuracy needed to push our coating development forward. We will have access to advanced X-ray techniques crucial for material science that were previously not available in a compact benchtop system.”


The Fourier 80 X-optimized 1H/7Li system facilitates battery research by examining lithium-based materials essential for better batteries. Dr. Vick Singh, Director of Research & Development for Dragonfly Energy, stated: "As we transition from fundamental materials development towards implementing new materials in prototypes and pilot lines, benchtop systems with lithium NMR can be a great tool.” The collaboration between Bruker and Dragonfly Energy accelerates pioneering battery technology research, showcasing the versatility of the Fourier 80 benchtop FT-NMR platform.

Bruker’s Avance Chemical Profiling Module for NMR, provides data processing, interpretation, and reporting, improving quality and efficiency in diverse QC processes. It simplifies NMR analysis, offering a tool to identify and quantify various compounds in a mixture with a single measurement. Its user-friendly interface and driven workflow make it a practical NMR solution for routine analysis in manufacturing settings.


Bruker presents the MGA series, a laser-based gas analyzer from MIRO Analytical AG to simultaneously measure various pollutants and greenhouse gases with high precision. It can detect gases such as CO, NO, NO2, NH3, O3, SO2, CO2, CH4, and N2O. Its compact size and rapid measurements are suitable for mobile monitoring. Its Quantum Cascade Lasers enable precise gas detection, contributing to our understanding of air pollution.


Gracing Incidence X-ray Fluorescence (GIXRF) for the S4 T-STAR® excites a flat sample by changing the beam angle. The resulting signal profiles vary based on sample type, mass, and thickness. GIXRF offers non-destructive material analysis with a compact benchtop TXRF spectrometer, used for quick qualitative assessments of structures such as nanoparticles, monolayers, or layered systems. This enables the monitoring of diffusion in multilayer systems and the study of metal dopant depth profiles in substrates.



Biopharma solutions

The Fourier 80 benchtop FT-NMR is now equipped with the synTQ NMR PAT adapter, enhancing Process Analytical Technologies by structural insights, accurate quantification, and efficient process QC. The adapter synchronizes with soft sensors and techniques like IR and Raman, integrating data streams for thorough process understanding. The Fourier PAT is useful in distributed API manufacturing, collecting reaction data for AI-driven process optimization. This setup advances API production, supports distributed and on-demand manufacturing, and improves safety, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness.


The new Triceratops SPR #64 enhances real-time, label-free molecular interaction characterization. Its innovative microfluidics allows 64 sensor spots, pushing the boundaries of SPR capabilities. It offers industry-leading throughput without sacrificing data quality. Its user-friendly touchscreen and automation features, including robot integration make it convenient for SPR biopharma research.