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Compact Dual-Retort Tissue Processor to Transform Histopathology Workflow

Compact Dual-Retort Tissue Processor to Transform Histopathology Workflow content piece image
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Leica Biosystems is launching a compact, dual-retort tissue processor, the HistoCore PEGASUS Plus*. For the first time, their world-renowned technology will be available to medium-sized laboratories, enabling them to optimise histopathology workflows.

Mid-sized laboratories will now be able to run multiple protocols in parallel on a single instrument, providing a solution that adapts to their workflow needs, and reduces unnecessary hands-on time. The dual retorts on HistoCore PEGASUS Plus increase capacity by 33% compared to a typical 300-cassette single-retort tissue processor.

The HistoCore PEGASUS Plus builds on more than 15 years of experience with the larger HistoCore PELORIS system, and also incorporates Leica’s pioneering integrated track and trace technology, the HistoCore I-Scan. This enables laboratories to capture and store individual cassette information, user interactions and reagent levels, delivering high confidence in the quality of results.

Dr. Freida Carson, a world histopathology expert,** has written widely about problems with tissue processing and called for a solution to under- or over-processing. This occurs when labs have to process both biopsy and large routine tissue specimens in the same processing run1. In an ideal scenario, biopsy and larger sample tissues would be processed separately using a protocol specific to the specimen.2 The HistoCore PEGASUS Plus addresses this.

“We understand that labs are under pressure of staff shortages, increased daily throughput and additional complexities with processing different types and sizes of tissue,” said Christine Munz, Vice President of Core Histology at Leica Biosystems. 

“Large, high throughput labs have confidence in the power and robust performance of our HistoCore PELORIS tissue processing technology. The new PEGASUS PLUS now brings these benefits to mid-sized labs.”   

The HistoCore PEGASUS Plus tissue processor expands the dual-retort portfolio offered by Leica Biosystems, bringing a scalable workflow solution to all labs of all sizes, ensuring optimal conditions for each tissue type without slowing down the lab.

The HistoCore PEGASUS Plus is now available in Europe and where the CE mark is accepted for country-specific registration.

*For InVitro Diagnostic Use Only.
**+Died 11 January 2022