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CoolBox Systems

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CoolBox XT system can be used with either tubes and plates. It is ideal for cooling cryoprotectants and thawing, and is suitable for use in hoods and cGMP areas. Use with internal cooling core to provide cooling of samples for up to 16 hours at 0 to 4°C with lid closed, (or up to 10 hours with lid open). The CoolBox XT system is capable of keeping samples below 0°C for up to 5 hours, with lid open. Can be used with dry ice to create a compact, portable, snap-freezing workstation for bacteria, virus or proteins.

How it Works 

Each CoolBox system consists of a base, cooling cartridge/ core and lid. CoolBox XT workstations also include a magnetised collar and a 1 to 8°C temperature indicator for visual assurance. Each CoolBox is designed to receive thermo-conductive sample modules that sit directly on the cartridge/core keeping samples at desired temperature for hours. The cartridge/core is pre-frozen in -20°C freezer.


All samples kept at 100°C. CoolRack modules ensure +/- 0.1°C temperature uniformity of all tubes when cooling, (snap) freezing or heating/ thawing. Use for a variety of applications including cooling reagents such as restriction enzymes, dNTPs, antibodies, alcohol-free dry ice snap-freezing of tissue, virus and bacteria samples, benchtop cryogenic tube sorting in liquid nitrogen, and many others. All CoolRack modules can be autoclaved, high heat sterilised or decontaminated with bleach, alcohol, or other disinfectant or lab detergent. Duration Test: Open Lid Time (hr) Temperature (°C) 

CoolCell LX 

Container for 1ml or 2ml cryo tubes 

Radially-symetric design for uniform freezing of 12 tubes 

Numered wells for easy sample identification

Beveled lid for secure gripping and easy opening 

Exposed vial tops when lid is open for quick organised removal of frozen samples