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Cyted Acquires Pathognomics Ltd To Support Diagnostic Reporting Services

Cyted Acquires Pathognomics Ltd To Support Diagnostic Reporting Services content piece image
Credit: Cyted Ltd
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Cyted Ltd (“Cyted” or “the Company”), a developer and provider of artificial intelligence technology and digital diagnostic infrastructure, today announced it has acquired Pathognomics Limited, a provider of digital pathology and clinical diagnostic laboratory services, based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK.

The acquisition of Pathognomics will provide Cyted an accredited laboratory environment and digital pathology technology, enabling the rapid uptake and expansion of the pipeline of novel biomarkers and artificial intelligence (AI) technology at Cyted. Cyted and Pathognomics have already worked together to successfully set up and launch diagnostic services for the earlier detection of oesophageal cancer (see press release). Cyted and Pathognomics will now look to scale their combined diagnostic reporting services and infrastructure to further support both existing and future healthcare partners.

All Pathognomics employees will now join the Cyted group, taking the Company’s total headcount from 15 to 23. Pathognomics’ Co-Founder and Laboratory Director Christopher Evagora will become Cyted’s Senior Director of Laboratory Operations, and Alec Hirst, Co-Founder and Project Director will become Cyted’s Senior Director of Business Technology. Cyted will remain headquartered in Cambridge whilst laboratory operations will continue in Huntingdon. To accommodate the expanding teams, the Company is increasing its laboratory and office space.

Marcel Gehrung, CEO, Cyted, said: “We are delighted to expand our team with the acquisition of Pathognomics. We have seen great synergy in our work and values through our partnership to launch and deliver our integrated diagnostic service. Merging the two companies is the next step in fulfilling our vision at Cyted, to change lives by enabling earlier disease detection and diagnosis.” 

Christopher Evagora, Senior Director of Laboratory Operations, Cyted, commented: “From our first conversations with Cyted, it was clear that the diagnostic technology and infrastructure being developed by the team will bring significant benefit to patient care. Over the past four years, we have established and optimised our workflow here at Pathognomics. I look forward to expanding the scope of our services to the next level with the formal merging of the two companies.”

Alec Hirst, Senior Director of Business Technology, Cyted, added: “Since establishing Pathognomics in 2016 we have successfully brought digital tools to the pathology sector. We have developed, adapted, and expanded the technology that underpins our services to deliver their full potential. The ethos behind Cyted and the team’s proven track record resonated with us from day one. This opportunity will bring to the frontline the next generation of digital pathology through the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in a fully digital laboratory.”