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EMQN Integrates Trinean’s DropSense™ Into QC Procedures

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EMQN’s EQA schemes are designed to test the whole analytical process of a clinical laboratory; the ability to interpret data in the light of clinical information supplied with a referral, and to produce a clear and accurate report. The EQA process, which allows diagnostic labs to benchmark and improve their laboratory performance, requires high quality materials and EMQN has adopted the Trinean DropSense™96 reader with its innovative purity analysis cDrop™ software for the QC of all DNA material used.

 Dr. Simon Patton, Director of EMQN, said: “The integration of the DropSense™96 reader has significantly improved our QC processes enabling us to rapidly assess the quality of our EQA materials. We look forward to working with Trinean as we further integrate its technology in to our activities.” 

“Trinean is delighted to partner with EMQN and contribute to the continuous improvement in the standard to diagnostic clinical genetic testing. Our DropSense™96 technology matches the expectations of EMQN in terms of robustness, throughput need and sample QC info,” adds Yvan Sergeant, VP Commercial Operations at Trinean. “Our simple drop-insert-quantify approach allows quick DNA quantification on the DropSense™96 beyond the capabilities of other quantification methods. Both the DropSense™96 and the smaller Xpose™ reader, fit for manual sample processing, are able to provide DNA specific quantification as well as impurity levels ensuring the best read-out quality of a genetic sample.”