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Eremid® Genomic Services Expands Long-Read HiFi Sequencing Capabilities With PacBio Revio

PacBio Revio
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Eremid® Genomic Services, LLC (“Eremid”) announces a significant expansion of its in-house sequencing capabilities with the installation of PacBio’s latest HiFi sequencing platform, the Revio. This powerful new sequencing system is the newest addition to Eremid’s suite of high-end genomics tools, and affirms the Company’s commitment to supporting larger scale and more diverse genomics projects following a $3M venture capital investment.

The Revio system is set to provide up to a 15-fold increase in long-read sequencing throughput compared to Eremid’s existing PacBio Sequel IIe system. This additional capability enables Eremid to step up its support of the genomics community with novel applications in clinical genomics and agbiotech, as well as human health and nutrition spaces.

As a PacBio certified service provider, Eremid already offers HiFi sequencing in its comprehensive suite of in-house genomics and bioinformatics services. It employs a world-class team of scientists who help customers design, execute, and analyze a broad range of research and clinical genomics projects. The Revio system is a major extension of the sequencing options Eremid offers to customers, adding to the latest generation Illumina, 10X Genomics, Thermo, and NanoString platforms across its research and CLIA-certified genomics labs. The increased sequencing capabilities provided by the Revio will enable rapid whole genome sequencing, allowing the team to to detect all types of genetic variations, including large structural variants, with remarkable precision.

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As plant genomes are notoriously difficult to sequence, the new capabilities offered by the Revio system will also help the team tackle challenging agbiotech research. Eremid’s scientists will be able to help customers resolve haplotypes and rapidly assemble reference-quality genomes for even the most complex plant and animal species.

Commenting on the installation of the Revio system, Julien Curaba, Chief Scientific Officer at Eremid added: “We’re thrilled to be bringing the latest in HiFi sequencing technology to our facility. My team has already witnessed the significant value that HiFi sequencing can deliver to our customers’ research projects, and the Revio’s additional capacity will empower them to step up the exceptional quality, data, and service they provide. By adding the most powerful HiFi sequencing capability to our research and clinical genomics labs, I am confident that we can help our customers drive real advancements in personalized medicine and agbiotech.”

“We look forward to helping Eremid unlock Revio’s potential in their genomic studies,” said Jeff Eidel, Chief Commercial Officer at PacBio. “With the Revio long-read sequencing system, Eremid will be able to dramatically scale their use of PacBio’s celebrated HiFi sequencing technology and will be able to sequence up to 1,300 human whole genomes per year at 30-fold coverage.”