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Fireside Chat on the Future of Pathology in a Post-COVID-19 World

Fireside Chat on the Future of Pathology in a Post-COVID-19 World content piece image
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Cancer informatics and digital pathology solution provider Inspirata is setting its sights on the post-COVID-19 future.

Following the drastic social distancing measures implemented across the world, Inspirata announced its COVID-19 Free Remote Pathology Initiative in March, which allows healthcare institutions affected by the pandemic to use the company’s pathology workflow software and digital services free of charge for the duration of the crisis. Recognizing the changing needs of healthcare institutions as the pandemic situation evolves, Inspirata is now adding to this initiative an industry-wide discussion on what a post-pandemic world will look like for the pathology profession.

Inspirata has assembled a cross-functional panel of experts, both on the clinical and business side, who will join for a virtual fireside chat on May 12th to discuss the expected challenges facing pathology departments as they begin to resume normal operations, as well as the planned actions to help remedy these challenges.

"The current pandemic has posed significant challenges to the Pathology profession. A poll we ran in March showed nearly 50% of pathology departments feeling poorly prepared to offer remote functionality to their staff in light of COVID-19. As the conversation now shifts to preparing to go back to normal schedules in a post-pandemic world, we find many are still lagging in their plans. According to early survey results, only 30% of organizations have done significant planning for post-COVID-19 scenarios. I’m thrilled to be joined by a panel of distinguished industry leaders to discuss this important topic. I look forward to a very open and engaged conversation with professionals joining our fireside chat from multiple backgrounds and geographies," states Mark Lloyd, PhD, EVP and Founder of Inspirata, who will be moderating the May 12th fireside chat.

Inspirata invites all interested pathology professionals and healthcare leaders to join the conversation on this important topic. The virtual fireside chat is open for registration, free of charge. Everyone who signs up as a participant can propose a question to be added to the panel discussion.