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HORIBA Medical To Showcase New Hemostasis Analyzers and Reagents at ISTH 2022

HORIBA Medical To Showcase New Hemostasis Analyzers and Reagents at ISTH 2022 content piece image
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HORIBA Medical announces that it will be showcasing the very latest additions to its Yumizen G range of hemostasis analyzers and reagents at ISTH 2022 Congress - the premier event in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis - at London’s Excel from 9-13 July 2022.

On Booth #1225 HORIBA Medical will introduce its new generation Yumizen G800 and G1550 hemostasis analyzers, as well as new ready-to-use reagents for frequently undertaken blood coagulation tests. With these introductions, HORIBA Medical now offers a complete portfolio of hemostasis systems and an innovative reagent range suitable for all laboratory sizes and requirements.

Alongside its specialist Yumizen G hemostasis range, HORIBA Medical will demonstrate its HELO* laboratory automation platforms for hematology. Based on the combination of innovative and proven technologies, the HELO solution is capable of enhancing productivity and efficiency of any type of laboratory.

HORIBA Medical’s comprehensive Yumizen G hemostasis product range fully supports high quality and cost-effective screening and assessment of bleeding disorders. At ISTH 2022, HORIBA Medical will be presenting a variety of new specialty reagent additions to this range, including dRVVT, protein S, protein C and Antithrombin screening and confirmation.

The new generation of HORIBA Medical Yumizen G800 and G1550 automated analyzers are designed for managing the coagulation, thrombophilia diagnostics and monitoring requirements of clinical laboratories with mid- to high-workloads. Supporting coagulant nephelometry, immuno-turbidimetric and chromogenic testing, these analyzers offer independent and integrated measurement channels.

The new hemostasis line also includes: liquid reagents for more than 80% of laboratory activity; pre-calibrated tests; continuous sample access and loading; as well as innovative management of reflex and additional tests. For urgent samples, it also offers eight STAT sample positions available at any time. Yumizen G systems use only one cuvette per test to avoid waste and overconsumption. The Yumizen G range has been designed to optimize costs, reduce expenses and reduce impact on environment.

At ISTH 2022, HORIBA will also host a symposium with key opinion leaders in hemostasis from the UK and France presenting on the latest reagent evaluations and advancements in thrombophilia diagnosis. These academic experts include: Dr. Annette Bowyer, Sheffield Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre, discussing APTT reagents; Dr. Laurie Talon, University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand, evaluating a new D-Dimer assay; and Dr. Pierre Suchon, Aix-Marseille University, considering the diagnosis of protein S deficiencies. Details of their presentations are available at: www.horiba.com/int/medical/isth-2022-horiba-medical

“We look forward to meeting biologists and clinical and laboratory staff in person and presenting the new products in our growing Yumizen G hemostasis line at the 2022 ISTH Congress,” said Bruno Pougault, Global Hemostasis Product Manager, HORIBA Medical. “Leveraging our many years of expertise in hematology, we have meticulously designed all our Yumizen G systems to ensure that they are easy-to-use, efficient, robust and safe, along with a continuously expanding repertoire of tests.”

* HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation