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InterVenn Enters into Collaboration With Agilent Technologies

InterVenn Enters into Collaboration With Agilent Technologies content piece image
Credit: Arek Socha/ Pixabay
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InterVenn, a San Francisco based biotechnology has announced a collaboration with Agilent Technologies. The signing of the collaboration took place on 7 September 2020, with Mr. Fadzhairi Jabar, InterVenn Malaysia’s General Manager, and Mr. Soh Lam Seng, Agilent’s Malaysia Country Manager, Laboratory Solutions Sales. Also present at the signing ceremony were En. Muhamad Husni, the Acting Head of TPM Nexus Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Technology Park Malaysia Corporation) and Mr. Robin Philp, Southeast Asia Academia and Collaborations Manager, Laboratory Solution Sales, Agilent.

This strategic partnership gathers the strength of both parties to develop cutting edge precision diagnostic tools by investigating targeted glycoproteomic biomarkers for diseases such as cancer. The focus of this collaboration will be on diseases common in Southeast Asia, and the premises for this development work will be at InterVenn Malaysia’s laboratory located at Technology Park Malaysia in KL.

“We are very pleased to welcome Agilent as a strategic partner to our research and development effort. This partnership goes a long way toward realizing InterVenn’s long-held vision to establish a Center of Excellence of Glycoproteomics for Southeast Asia at its premises ain Kuala Lumpur that will not only allow InterVenn to accelerate its collaborative work with leading academics in Malaysia and the region, but will also serve as a training and demonstration center for aspiring scientists and start-up companies in Southeast Asia. Perhaps most importantly, this new laboratory will be the first of its kind offering diagnostic tools based on the science of glycoproteomics for the healthcare needs of the more than 650 million citizens of the region. The collaboration will, without doubt, place both partners on the leading edge of both innovation and public service,” said Aldo Carrascoso, CEO of InterVenn.

“Agilent is very excited to become a strategic partner with InterVenn in the establishment of a Centre of Excellence of Glycoproteomics. The opportunity to engage in the area of clinical measurement and especially for diseases such as cancer is of great importance and of societal benefit. The forward looking vision to extend the collaboration with academic institutions is also one that is shared by Agilent in its capacity to work with seats of learning and education. Agilent wholeheartedly embraces this opportunity and looks forward to a successful outcome,” said Robin Philp, Academia and Collaborations Manager at Agilent.