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JEOL Introduces Two New Scanning Electron Microscopes at M&M 2023

Scanning electron microscopes.
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JEOL introduces two new Scanning Electron Microscopes this week at M&M 2023 in Minneapolis. The new SEMs incorporate the next level of intelligent technology and automation for ease of operation and fast, high-resolution imaging and analysis. These new-generation SEMs make it easy to acquire data for all specimen types.

Both new SEMs feature “Simple SEM” for automatic image collection at multiple locations, magnifications, and conditions, Live EDS analysis, Live 3D microscopy, automatic large-area analysis with ZeroMag software, Montage for large area mosaics, and automatic functions from alignment to focus for fast, clear, high-resolution images.

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The new JSM-IT710HR SEM is a compact, versatile Schottky Field Emission SEM that delivers large probe currents while maintaining a small probe, making it ideally suited for higher resolution needs. A large specimen chamber and both High and Low Vacuum operation allow a wide variety of specimen types to be imaged and analyzed in their native state.

The new JSM-IT210 InTouchScopeTM SEM is a compact microscope with easy, automated workflow features including Specimen Exchange mode that guides a new operator step-by-step from sample introduction to ideal imaging and analysis conditions.

JEOL has a complete range of Scanning Electron Microscopes ranging from the popular NeoScope tabletop SEM to its flagship ultrahigh resolution field emission SEM. JEOL offers applications and service support for all of its Electron Microscopes and scientific instruments, with over 70 years of expertise in electron optics.