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Lateral Flow Workshop 2020

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The Lateral Flow Workshop 2020 is set to be the biggest yet; organized and run by BioDot Ltd., the three-day workshop aims to educate attendees in the science of making a lateral flow diagnostic test.

This year the workshop is being held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from May 18-20. It will feature more than 20 speakers and a range of hands-on practical sessions delivered by industry experts, developers and manufacturers.

During these sessions, attendees will learn how to create a fully working lateral flow assay, in this case, a pregnancy test, using BioDot’s machinery.

This year’s event will include a series of new small group sessions that will allow attendees to have more personal and meaningful discussions with industry experts and sponsors.

After feedback from previous workshops organizers are also including more business advice, including sessions on how to raise funding for successful lateral flow development and commercialization.

This year the practical sessions will again be delivered by Soma Bioscience, a UK-based company that specializes in real-time saliva-based analytics using lateral flow technology.

Alongside these sessions, Soma will be demonstrating its five-point cortisol tests and allowing attendees to test and compare their cortisol levels throughout the day.

About the Lateral Flow Workshop 2020

The Lateral Flow Workshop 2020 will take place at the Van Der Valk Hotel Amsterdam – Amstel from May 18-20. The event will cover the basics and trends in lateral flow test development and manufacturing.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Joe Dunbar, Soma Bioscience
  • Klaus Hochleitner, GE Healthcare
  • Brendan O'Farrell, DCN Diagnostics 
  • Michael Doumanas, Qiagen