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Mid-size Lab Haematology Analyzer Has Large Lab Capabilities

Mid-size Lab Haematology Analyzer Has Large Lab Capabilities content piece image
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Beckman Coulter has announced the commercial launch of its new DxH 690T hematology analyzer. Designed to help laboratories streamline workflow and maximize uptime, the DxH 690T aims to offer all the benefits of the company’s flagship DxH 900 hematology analyzer to mid-size labs, including a 93% first-pass yield and the recently released Early Sepsis Indicator.

“Laboratories are often called upon to do more with less—to balance growing testing demand with resource and cost pressures,” said Peter Soltani, Ph.D., senior vice president and general manager of the hematology business unit at Beckman Coulter. “The DxH 690T is a great solution for medium-sized laboratories to streamline workflow, report high confidence results and improve turnaround time by reducing procedural steps and manual touchpoints. It also supports standardization across hospital networks to a single platform—DxH 900 for larger labs and DxH 690T for medium labs.”

The DxH 690T analyzer applies the company’s core hematology technologies—the enhanced Coulter Principle, VCS 360 and DataFusion—for high-resolution analysis of cells in their near native-states. This ensures medium-sized laboratories will achieve the right results the first time with no unnecessary reflex or repeats.

In addition, the DxH 690T offers the Early Sepsis Indicator, which is available to automatically report as part of a routine CBC with white blood cell differential for adult patients in the emergency department. Affecting approximately 30 million people globally every year, early recognition of sepsis can be challenging. Beckman Coulter’s Early Sepsis Indicator is FDA cleared specifically for augmenting the diagnosis of sepsis.