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New Osteoporosis Assay from Astra Biotech GmbH

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Astra Biotech GmbH have now developed the new Osteoporosis Kit diagnostic test kit using RT-PCR for the detection of polymorphisms in the COLIA1 and VDR genes to improve the identification of defects which result in abnormalities in bone matrix mineralization.

The Company claims that the Osteoporosis assay is an assay which tests both polymorphisms and is more sensitive and convenient than alternative assays. The new kit includes all the necessary primers, enzymes, positive controls and buffers sufficient for 100 assays.

The Osteoporosis assay is produced following strict quality control procedures and using only certified high purity reagents, being in addition IVD compliant and therefore suitable for clinical applications. If the risk of osteoporosis is identified at an early stage then suitable treatment regimes may be introduced to minimize the risk of bone deterioration in line with Astra Biotech GmbH’s philosophy that prevention is better than a cure.