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Nucleic Acid Drug Delivery Conference Heads to Copenhagen

A scientist pipetting into an agar plate.
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On May 27-28, some of the most cited researchers in nucleic acid vaccine & therapy research will convene in Copenhagen. The event, co-organized by Malvern Panalytical in partnership with subject-matter experts from academia and industry, will focus on innovation in nucleic acid drug delivery. The Applied Biophysics Forum in Drug Delivery promises real-world data sharing and more opportunities for collaboration in this cutting-edge field.


The two-day agenda is packed with well-known names from academia and industry. Speakers such as Camilla Foged (Copenhagen University), Andreas Wagner (Polymun Scientific), Dominik Witzigmann (NanoVation Therapeutics) and Marianna Yanez Arteta (AstraZeneca) will inspire attendees by sharing their insights and experiences.

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The Applied Biophysics Forum represents a cost-effective, worthwhile opportunity to discover case studies and real-world experimental data. The conference is designed to be personal and face-to-face. There will be several informal networking opportunities over refreshments, providing ample time to connect with scientific experts and key stakeholders from across industry, academia, and regulatory sectors. The program also includes an informal evening meal where attendees can meet and mingle with one another.


Malvern Panalytical has a proven track record of running in-person events for the nucleic acid pharmaceuticals industry. Attendees will benefit from insightful talks, panel discussions, covering several topics, including:

  • Non-viral delivery systems for nucleic acids,
  • Physicochemical attributes relevant to structure, stability, quality and their relevance to safety and efficacy,
  • The use and optimization of extended biophysical characterization methods, and their orthogonality.


Attendees are warmly encouraged to display a poster in the exhibition upon submission of an abstract to the scientific organizing committee. The authors of the top four abstracts selected by the committee will additionally be offered a five-minute presentation slot during the conference.


Natalia Markova, Head of Science - Pharmaceutical & Food Sector said: “We warmly invite scientists working on the development and manufacture of nucleic acid-based formulations to join us in the beautiful city of Copenhagen for what promises to be an engaging two days of real-world data sharing, insightful discussions, and informal networking.”


Hanna Jankevics Jones, Sector Marketing Director (Pharmaceuticals) said: “Drawing from our expertise in nanomedicine, cell & gene therapy, and vaccine development, particularly with the exploration of nucleic acid-based formulations for novel applications, we recognize the crucial need for scientists across industry and academia to exchange knowledge. This collaboration will enable the identification of best practices and a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and limitations of current technologies regarding these samples. To facilitate this, we've launched the Applied Biophysics Forum—an initiative aimed at fostering a more open, collaborative exploration of these opportunities.”