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Olink Bioscience Introduces its New Plasma Biomarker Discovery Service

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Olink Bioscience now offers a new research service, Plasma Biomarker Discovery Service. Using the multiplexed PLA® immunoassay platform, up to 74 potential cancer biomarkers are analyzed with high sensitivity in precious biobanked plasma samples, in no more than 2 µl of sample.

The Plasma Biomarker Discovery Service will help scientists in industry and academia to identify novel biomarkers and contribute to the understanding of human cancer and improved diagnosis.

"PLA has an industry leading sensitivity of multiplexed immunoassays while only consuming minute amounts of sample. Researchers can now access precious and limited biobanked serological materials and with our service find new protein biomarker signatures." says Dr Simon Fredriksson, Chief Scientific Officer at Olink Bioscience.

The PLA immunoassay technology employs two primary antibodies linked to DNA strands, which upon simultaneous and proximal binding to the target protein, will be ligated. Once ligated, they form a PCR amplicon typically detected with real-time quantitative PCR.

The assay is performed as a convenient homogeneous assay without any washing steps and is characterized by low sample consumption, high sensitivity, and multiplexing capability as recently published by Lundberg et al 2011 Jan 17, Mol Cell Proteomics PMID: 21242282.