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Planmed Launches the New Planmed Clarity™ 3D System

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Planmed has introduced a new mammography unit, Planmed Clarity™ 3D, which utilizes advanced Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) technology. DBT enables enhanced diagnostics, especially for patients with denser breast tissue.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis resolves the challenge of overlapping tissue structures by producing a 3D volume of the breast. As a whole, Planmed Clarity 3D enables sharp reconstructions with a higher visibility of microcalcifications and delicate tissue structures through its patented Continuous Sync-and-Shoot™ method. This new approach to tomosynthesis imaging eliminates motion blur and artifact intrusion, ensuring that small calcifications and blood vessels can be seen with clarity.

“The incidence rate of breast cancer, the most common invasive cancer among women, continues to increase in both developed and developing countries. However, breast cancer related mortality has visibly decreased in countries with screening programs. This can be explained by early detection and improved diagnostic and treatment methods”, states Vesa Mattila, Managing Director of Planmed Oy. Planmed Clarity 3D works to innovate diagnostic technology according to this model, and strives for higher user experience standards.

Along with DBT, Planmed Clarity 3D has several features which enable a quick screening workflow, as well as easy diagnostic imaging and biopsy procedures. For radiologists, the new solution offers exceptional image quality and diagnostic confidence. The ergonomic and easily approachable design of the unit helps to reduce patient anxiety, and excellent usability is guaranteed by the intuitive dual touch screens that adapt to each of the available imaging modes.

The system has a compact footprint and can be installed in small rooms. It runs from a standard wall outlet, which further eases installation and daily use. The eye-catching design of Planmed Clarity 3D can be tailored to suit a variety of color schemes, providing a personal touch for users.

The deliveries of Planmed Clarity 3D will start this autumn in select markets.