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Practical Solutions for Translational Science from Randox Laboratories

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Randox Pharma Services was founded with such a translational mission, and for 30 years has been carrying out R&D, custom assay development and supplying diagnostic solutions; all underpinned by a strong commitment to collaborate with leading academic research centres and pharmaceutical companies globally.

In recognition of the vital role biomarkers play in translational medicine, Randox Pharma Services supply an unrivalled range of single analyte and multiplex diagnostic kits direct to end user laboratories.

Indeed, even kits produced primarily for research come under the same scrutiny as any commercial IVD assay i.e. imprecision less than 10%, fully optimised to eliminate cross-reactivity and non-specific binding to name just a few of our stringent QA processes.

As a private company Randox Pharma Services can be flexible and are swift to focus our significant in-house resources and expertise towards any pressing healthcare need; with a particular focus on oncology, infectious disease and metabolic disorders.

To enable this Randox have developed Biochip Array Technology, a multiplex technology which allows the simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers from a single patient sample. Given the increased value of multiple biomarkers to improve patient diagnosis, such a technology is the ideal ‘target platform’ for translational science.

Already arrays have been developed which are applicable to a broad range of therapeutic areas, with applications including multiplex immunoassays and nucleic acid based SNP, mutation, gene expression and pathogen detection arrays.

Randox Pharma Services also offer over 130 enzymatic, substrate and immunoturbidimetric assays on our class-leading range of RX Series chemistry analysers which provide quality results at every phase from pre-clinical testing through to the clinic.

With robust, fit-for-purpose assays a pre-requisite for research, biomarker validation and ultimately translational science, only an established clinical diagnostic company such as Randox has the scientific and regulatory experience required. All to meet the pressing need for the more rapid translation of novel biomarkers to clinical utility.