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PrimerDesign Launches World’s Most Affordable qPCR Instrument

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The genesig® q16 will accompany their catalogue of >400 applied testing qPCR kits and provide a market shattering solution to bring DNA testing to the mass market.

The genesig® q16 is a product of an OEM agreement with IT-IS Life Sciences Ltd (UK and Ireland).  As well as being the being the most affordable, it is also the smallest (with a footprint of only 12cm) and arguably most beautiful on the market.

“We have been seeing more and more demand for DNA testing from a broad range of users in applied settings for whom a standard laboratory instrument is too daunting and too expensive.” said PrimerDesign Managing Director Jim Wicks.  “The genesig® q16 is a beautiful instrument to use. In partnership with IT-IS we have worked hard to produce a user experience that is so simple that literally anyone could use it.  Alongside the instrument we htave produced a revolutionary simplified version of our genesig® kit range.  The product range includes kits for infectious disease screening, food and water testing, veterinary diagnostics, biothreat detection and more. We expect to see enormous demand for this complete solution to applied DNA testing.”

Despite its extraordinary price tag, the genesig q16 boasts some impressive technical credentials. It is the first truly solid state qPCR instrument on the market, with no moving parts. The solid state design delivers completely silent operation, incredible robustness and, excellent data quality. Long lifetime peltier elements deliver ramp rates of 3oC/s. LED excitation coupled with a high performance CMOS detector enable highly sensitive fluorescence measurements from all wells simultaneously in multiple colours. Last but not least, an energy efficient design enables great performance whilst consuming only 90W of power.

“Working with PrimerDesign has been a real pleasure” said IT-IS Life Science Ltd CEO Roderic Fuerst. “We share a common vision of making qPCR accessible to more people, in more applications. PrimerDesigns impressive menu of assays deserve a great qPCR system, like the genesig® q16. This instrument is our latest product, and embodies over 10 years of passion to create the best qPCR systems in the world, for the world.”